Virginia Beach Goju

In Affiliation with the Harlem Goju Association 


Virginia Beach Goju Mission

To help develop the Mind, The Body and The Spirit through the art and science of Goju Ryu Karate. In addition, it is the intent of this school and its instructors to enhance the quality of the participants lives, as well as the community at large. In essence, our goal is to make our community better through the art of Goju Ryu Karate!

Sensei's Philosophy

Karate is a martial art style originated in Okinawa. Karate means "empty hands." It could be said that the essence and development of karate are comprised of three aspects: 

The Mind, the Physical, the Spirit!

To truly understand the art of karate, one must develop, maintain, and have committment to all three aspects. In my experience, these three aspects are essential and when joined together, can have a major impact on a person's life. I'm speaking from pure experience!

Let's look at the three aspects starting with the mind. The Mind is responsible for all our mental process. Our mind allows us to think, be creative, concentratre, develop perspective, perception, form memories, analyze and calculate, among many other things.The mind is essentially limitless and could be used as a powerful tool. When studying and practicing karate, one must have the right "Mind set" to be sucessful. Dave Lowry writes, "Isshin, for instance, is "one mind" or a "unified mind," undistracted by anything other than the matter at hand," (The Essense of Budo, 2010). The ability to focus energy on specific tasks are most important, and if the Mind cannot focus then one will not perform at their optimum level.

The Physical is the human package of composition consisting of various tissues, bones, muscles, and organs, all fueled and maintained through exercise, food, hygiene and oxygen . The body is responsible for transporting the mind and the spirit. If the body is strong, then one tends to have a better quality of life; conversly, if the body is weak, then the quality of life suffers. Karate requires strength, endurance, agility, balance, coordination, speed, quickness, flexibility and proper breathing. The Mind prepares the Physical (body) for the conditioning for all of the aforementoned requirements. Without proper Mind/Body (physical) coordination, one could be considered merely going through the motions of fruitless movements.

The spirit The spirit is the aspect of consciousness which basically mediates between and with the body and the mind. The spirit provides us with will, life-force, enthusiasm, attitude, influence, and if one is blessed, supernatural -like abilities. It is believe by this karateka that with great Spirit one can transcend mediocre mental and physical abilities into extraordinary feats. Great spirit can champion the defeated and inspire greatness in those who meditate upon it. In essence, the right Spirit can change lives.  

It is the goals of this Virginia Beach Goju Instructor and affiliates to provide karate instruction to all our students with the intent to develop all three aspects. The Mind, The Physical, and The Spirit. We believed that a relationship based on true committment and dedication from both the instructors and students will without doubt create an honorable Goju karateka. Be forewarned, this is not an easy thing to do! This is why I say, "Cowards never get started and the weak fall off along the way....Only the strong survive." Osu!