Virginia Beach Goju

In Affiliation with the Harlem Goju Association 



The Benefits of Training with Virginia Beach Goju are

  • Learning and meeting goals in a family like environment
  • Learning to overcome challenges.
  • Learning to train with a spirit of    excellence.

Virginia Beach Goju training

  • Dojo Protocol: Formalities of learning and studying in a karate training hall, i.e. respects, camaraderie, ethics.
  • Physical Exercises: Push ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc.
  • Self-defense training: Punching, kicking, blocking, combat sequences (Ipoon-one step sparring techniques, etc!
  • Karate Form:Traditional Kata forms and Bunkai..
  • Competition: Tournament sparring and kumite (fighting); and dojo sparring
  • Breathing and Meditation: The signature and essence of Goju.