Virginia Beach Goju

In Affiliation with the Harlem Goju Association 

Renshi Chris Washington is a 5th Degree Black Belt. He has been studying Goju Karate for 28 years. He has formally trained and received his rank from Grandmaster Sam McGee and Master Dwayne McGee, of The Harlem Goju Karate Association of Harlem, New York.

Sensei Washington has earned and been given the rank of 5th Dan so that he could fulfill one of his sensei's desires, which is to promote Harlem Goju Style of karate to communities everywhere. Sensei Renshi Washington has an abundance of experienced in Tournament competition, Dojo training, and "real life" Self-defense techniques, but still considers himself a student of martial arts. He believes you should never stop learning. 

Sensei Washington is also a teacher for Portsmouth Public Schools Physical Education. Sensei Washington holds a Bachelor Degree in Heath & Physical Education and a Master's Degree in Education Administration.